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Movement for All

Rock n Roll

Live Long and Prosper

Combining her studies in art with her instructor training from Core Pilates NYC, my mission is to provide a non-intimidating, welcoming, and straight-up fun fitness experience for individuals of all levels and all bodies who may feel uncomfortable in other workout classes or environments.
Developing a poignant and nuanced relationship with your body can be an exhilarating and healing experience, but the journey does not have to be unpleasant.
I am inspired by the joy and creativity in movement, and strive to design both group classes and private sessions that relish in the Classic method, all while experimenting and accessing the beautiful nuances of Pilates.
I hope my students leave class feeling accomplished, sweaty, and surprised by the great power of their bodies and minds! 

Check out my schedule to see where I teach group classes across all Classical apparatus!

Group Classes

Provide your employees with a resource to work their bodies, minds, and develop better posture at their desks!

Check out my schedule to see where I teach privates, or schedule on your own time with me!

Private and Duet Sessions

Office Work-out

My YT channel, where I sequence post past Instagram live classes, as well as CosPilates- classes inspired by characters across anime, video games, movies, and TV!


Group Classes

Suryaside Wellness // Woodside QNS

Mondays @ 8am EST Open Mat

Wednesdays @ 8am EST Open Mat

Fridays @ 1pm  Pliates EST Fundamentals


Mondays and every other Thursday at 6PM EST


2nd Story Pilates + Yoga // Jackson Heights QNS

Substitute Mat Instructor (to be updated accordingly)