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  • Sarah C Awad

Time Capsule II: The Vessel

Time Capsule II: The Vessel

The Process

I felt that varying redundancy would be the key driver to my design since it is unknown what language whoever finds this speaks, so I tried to be visual and provide several variations of my desired actions and the objects themselves.

I set up an artboard in Illustrator and just let that thesis and spontaneity guide me until I landed on the shapes and layout I was interested in. I have been trying to be looser with my approach to making recently to bring some joy back into a process I have lost a lot of love for over the past few years. Keeping it light, and doing the opposite of what I normally would do has been a breath of fresh air into my practice, and has allowed me to surprise myself in new ways.

The Vessel

  • I wanted the design to imply that it can be open, so I took inspiration from envelopes, arrow signage, and a cracked egg, hoping that the visual redundancy would potentially imply “please open” in some way, regardless of language or culture.

  • Beveled edges were chosen to prevent severe superficial damage to the capsule

  • The color scheme and sheen of the capsule, while garish, were chosen so that it would stand out against the earth. I wanted to make it clear that this is not naturally present, while also insighting curiosity of a viewer.

  • I chose each inset to be a gradation of pinks, implying that the recipient should attempt to look at these in a particular order- hopefully left to right, but if not, it does not affect decoding its contents.

Its Contents

  • Given that the recipient of this capsule is unknown, I provided text, digital, and physical formats of my objects in various ways. I’ve included the print files with their texture maps on both a flash drive and an SD card, papers of written text describing them and their stories, and 3d prints of the objects themselves.

  • This also potentially could accommodate for different future scenarios; maybe our technology is so advanced that they can access the digital files easily. Maybe we are reduced to a post apocalyptic scenario where we need more analog methods to understand the objects…

Overall, I see a lot of opportunity for iteration in this vessel, but at some point, you have to stop! I think I created something unique and fun that still possessed intentional design.

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