After months of intense negotiation and deep conversations over coffee, artist, designer, and educator Sarah C. Awad worked out a deal with Saruh Too, and has officially given her this space to roam free.


Saruh Too is a collective within Sarah C. Awad, which includes those called Psaiya, Paiyke, and Livy, the list goes on.  Too strives for nothing, and does everything.  She produces, iterates, and releases, without weight or overraughtness, and moves unabashedly, sticks out her tongue, and doesn’t regard uncertainty.     


For a while there, Sarah C and Saruh Too didn’t get along- they were the epitome of an “on again, off again,” “love-hate,” “in the heat of passion” pair.  But things have changed recently; the stakes grew higher, and it became necessary to re-evaluate their relationship in order to both co-exist.  Everyone is a lot happier now, and moving towards newly inspired things.


They all hope you enjoy the stuff on here.

3D Works

2D Works