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  • Sarah C Awad

Research for Design: The Final

We have reached the end of our group project, now officially titled Operation: Hole in One! I really enjoyed tackling this with my group, and think that in the end, we created a playful, creative, and unique experience that I would love to try myself. I was able to enter into areas of design and collaboration outside of my comfort zone, and met some really awesome people in the process!

We created a lot of content for this project (posters, videos, graphics, concept art, scripts, and storyboards) to encapsulate our ambitious, yet niche endeavour. I especially enjoyed story mapping with my group; we were very detail oriented and intentional in keeping each scenario at each section of the golf different enough for users to try different paths, but also allowed room for collaboration. One of my favorite aspects are the discreet golf references throughout the game, from the names of characters and objects, to the pun-filled spy lingo of our text. We got very playful, and I think that enjoyment really shows in our final products. We prioritized the immersiveness, and appeal of the game, for while the poignant core of our project was to create a community experience, all that goodness gets multiplied by zero if the game itself is not compelling. Especially when you think about the aeration tools we are using; to be able to transform those into a “spy cosplay” experience I feel keeps the experience from being too didactic, and provides balance between imagination and the physical environment.

Based on the feedback our group received, I see the next step as the creation of a more realistic prototype of the AR game. I think our presented videos successfully capture look, feel, and express our narrative and baseline game mechanics; however, I also understand the class’ desire to see more of the technical around UX, and simulations on the phone. I would like to iterate further on our videos as well, for we did so much story building work that I would like to showcase and express in a more applied way. Overall, I hope the class found our intervention unique and creative, and this process has really inspired me to pursue developing more experiences like this one.

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